Pineapple Cheese Bread

A little sweet, a little savoury! Pineapple Cheese Bread is delicious served simply – warm with butter alongside your morning coffee.

Queen of Puddings

This recipe says to brown in a slow oven. To do this, turn the heat down to 300 or 325 and bake ’til the peaks of the meringue are a golden brown.

Lamb Chop Dinner

Traditionally, Scotch broth is made with a neck of mutton cooked with the vegetables, barley, and dried peas but you may also find it at your local grocer.

Chili Con Carne

This is a mild chili recipe but you can spice it up with your favourite hot sauce. Or kick the heat up a notch by adding a hot pepper or two!

Soya Chicken Casserole

This recipe for Soya Chicken Casserole originally appeared in the NBWI Cookbook printed in 1978. It serves four and you’ll be fighting over the leftovers!

Zesty Deviled Eggs

Everyone’s favourite appy looks fancy but they’re so easy to make! You can also dust them with a little smoked paprika for added pizzazz.