How to start or join a new Branch

In Person, Virtual, or Hybrid

There are three modes of access for WI.  In person get togethers, online, or hybrid versions which incorporate both.

 To join, please contact the WI Office in Fredericton.  All women are welcomed regardless of race, religion, or other personal/choices.  The most common way to join is to be invited and/or attend a local get together.  All women are welcomed regardless of race, religion, or other personal/choices.  WI is inclusive and in most instances they meet in facilities that are welcoming to physical disabilities.

 The New Brunswick legislation outlines the organization and incorporation of a Branch clearly.  There must be 8 founding members.  Each member must be age 18 or older.  The Branch needs to choose a name and designate a time for in person, or online, get togethers.  Many Branches meet more than once per month in more than one mode and/or location.  A minimum of one session per month is ideal. 

Being a Member

Membership in WI looks different for each individual because each member participates as much or as little as they choose. In bygone days, many Branches participated in extensive catering for community events, along with exhibitions, conventions, workdays and the like. Today catering is not as popular, since members often work and they are able to attend only one get together per month. Each member is encouraged to share their preferences in their Branch and participate to their level of comfort. For this reason, the virtual Branch get togethers are so popular because the members do not have to leave home in the evening. It has become a popular solution for so many women who wish to learn new things and discuss social issues that WI might be able to help.

Starting a New Branch

To start a new Branch of the WI there are two steps to take.

First step would be to contact the director with the Dept of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries. Basic paperwork for incorporation will be necessary. Second step, it is also suggested that someone from the Provincial Executive/Advisory Board ensure that the new Branch will get ‘in the loop’ for communications/correspondence. Branches will conduct their get togethers as prescribed by the WI Act and in accord with the members wishes. Contact info is available through the Links Tab for the Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Fisheries.

Members at Large – NBWI

Within NB, if you wish to be a WI member, but choose not to belong to a Branch you can be a member at large. When doing so you have no voting rights, but are included in communications. Most people who are members at large opt to join without a branch because their Branches may have closed or because they have disabilities/limitations. Applications are available under the Resources Tab.

Friends of WI Canada

As with the Members at Large in provinces, some folks choose to be direct supporters of WI Canada. There are no voting privileges but standard communications and inclusion in programming is provided. The necessary link to WI Canada page is found under the Links Tab.