Hawaiian Gingered Pork

You could also transfer the ingredients for this Hawaiian-inspired recipe to a crockpot after browning the pork for a luau-ready dinner without the fuss.

Lobster Salad

Ever tried pineapple with lobster? This classic appetizer recipe was originally printed in our 1978 NBWI cookbook. Brave palates back then!

Easy Party Sherbert Punch

Don’t wait for the party! This recipe is easily halved so you can make this fun drink as a treat for the kids – or yourself – any day of the week.


Originally printed in 1978, this classic chocolate popsicle is a crowd favourite. Especially on hot, humid New Brunswick summer days!

Raspberry Shrub

‘Shrubs’ are vinegar-based drink concentrates, infused with fruit, juice, or herbs. Ours uses raspberries, but use this ratio with near any fruit.