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When I was young and newly wed,

My friends and neighbours duly said,

“Now, you be smart and resolute

And join the Women’s Institute”.

“It will help pass many a dreary hour

and strengthen your domestic power”.

But I, in turn, was horrified.

Was I to be transmogrified?

The Institute was for the OLD.

And I was still young, gay and bold.

But then, in time, I weakened some.

And said, “Alright, tonight I’ll come”.

I pictured all the nice old dears

With clicking tongues and listening ears

All caught up with their knitting trend

Domesticated, to the end.

But now, I think it should be said,

My pre-conceived ideas soon fled.

Though some were old, yet some were young,

All were lively and full of fun.

While home and children played their part,

They talked as well of clothes and art.

And speakers from all arts and parts

Beguiled their way into our hearts.

So, older now and wiser, too,

I’d welcome any member new

And tell THEM they are destitute


~ Author Unknown

Submitted by Angela Faubert, Lakeville Corner Women’s Institute