Frequently Asked Questions

New Brunswick Women’s Institute (NBWI) offers you the opportunity to learn and be involved in the issues affecting our society today.

Is WI affiliated with a church?
No, WI is not connected to any churches or political organizations.

Are you allowed to belong to a Branch even if you do not live in the community?
Absolutely. Many Branches are named after communities or past members and their members live in different areas.

What do you do at a meeting?
We have a business meeting to see to the monthly activities of the group and then a learning program. Sometimes the meetings have refreshments or meals and they often take place in members’ homes, halls, or restaurants. It usually takes 1.5 to 2 hours.

How is WI organized?
WI is a grassroots organization that has its strength in its Branches. In NB there are approximately 70 Branches around the province with anywhere from 2 or 3 members to 24 members. In order to distribute info and be organized, the organization has three levels;

How much does it cost to belong to WI?
Dues to belong are decided by the Branches. They are often in the $2 range, and the groups work together to earn funds to meet financial commitments.