2020 is an Election Year! | NBWI.ca

The New Brunswick Women’s Institute, your Institute has had a long history of being in your community/province and serving you the members. The past and current executives have served you with distinction, but the time has come for a new generation of leaders to come forward and assume the helm.

Sending out a call for nominations

NBWI has reached a crossroad and we would urge you to consider the plight of your Institute and these two possible options:

  1. NBWI can continue its tradition of serving members and the province but to do so, 11 or 12 of you need to step up to the plate and agree to serve on the provincial executive.  (Area Directors & Executive)
  2. Sadly, the other option is to cease operations, fold up the Institute, dispose of the assets according to the bylaws, and officially transfer the remaining assets to FWIC and ACWW. 

Given the history of NBWI, I would suggest that option 2 is not to your liking and I would hope not your preference. Therefore, I would ask each of you to consider devoting a few hours three times per year for a team to keep your NBWI operating, viable and able to provide the NBWI provincial connection.

Please consider nominating someone from your Branch for the provincial executive, or get involved in your District and Area to become an Area Director.

Find the nomination form in our Resource Library.

 Have a voice at our provincial table

The commitment for provincial board members is typically three meetings per year, so not too bad for a time investment.  And for what you bring to the table…well, each member is asked to represent the members and Branches in a collaborative partnership with each of the other Board members This means you are never alone, there are always fellow Board members to help with all activities and decisions. 

The positions that will need to be filled this year are:

  • Secretary
  • Vice-President
  • President-Elect
  • Public Relations Officer
  • 6 Area Directors

Thank you for your attention to this important crossroads for NBWI.

For home & country

Submitted by: 

Angela Scott
Past-President NBWI & Chair of Nominations Committee.