New Members Welcome!

We’re so glad you’re interested in learning more about the New Brunswick Women’s Institute.

Our motto is ‘For Home and Country’.

The first Women’s Institute was started in Ontario in 1897. Mrs. Alma Jane Porter from Andover, New Brunswick organized the first Women’s Institute in New Brunswick in 1911.

The Women’s Institute was organized to meet the needs of rural women and to allow them to discuss the problems in their community and possible solutions. In those early days, women did not have the vote. They were not “persons” and they often had to speak with one voice to be heard.

In these modern times, we still find when we speak as one, our voices are amplified.

The New Brunswick Women’s Institute now has almost 600 members registered in 70 branches and 16 districts around the province. We are governed in layers: individuals belong to branches, branches are part of districts, districts work with an Area Director on our Provincial Board Executive. The NBWI is lead by a President with a supporting Executive to assist and guide her.

The NBWI receives some support from the Department of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries regarding administrative issues arising from the application of the provincial Women’s Institute and Institut Féminin Act. Lynn Moore, Manager of Stewardship, Land and Environment Branch, is DAAF’s current director for WI issues.

The NBWI is home to 70 Branches in 16 Districts:


  • Carleton WI
  • Coldstream WI
  • Debec WI
  • Knowlesville WI
  • Knoxford WI
  • Mt Pleasant WI
  • Simonds WI
  • Upper Woodstock WI
  • Williamstown WI
  • Southampton WI

Charlotte County/Spruce Lake

  • DeWolfe Corner WI
  • Elmsville WI
  • Enterprise WI
  • Leonardville WI
  • Spruce Lake WI


  • Cookville-Midgic WI
  • Murray Corner WI

Kennebecasis Valley

  • Lakeside WI
  • Midland WI
  • Norton WI
  • Upham WI

Loyalist District II

  • Bloomfield Ridge WI
  • Coronation WI
  • Holtville WI
  • Upper Durham WI
  • Williamsburg WI

Northumberland County

  • Blackville WI
  • Burnt Church WI


  • Greater Fredericton WI
  • Lakeville Corner WI
  • Maugerville WI
  • Queenstown WI
  • Upper Gagetown WI


  • Annabelle-Gay WI
  • Corn Hill WI
  • Elgin WI
  • Havelock WI
  • Lower Ridge WI
  • Petitcodiac WI

Queens East

  • Codys WI
  • Cumberland Bay WI
  • Lower Jemseg WI
  • Salmon Creek WI
  • Waterborough WI


  • Flatlands WI
  • Glenburnie WI
  • Glen Levit WI


  • Calhoun WI
  • Edgetts Landing WI
  • Hillsborough WI

Sussex Vale

  • Berwick-Mt Middleton WI
  • Kennebecasis Valley WI
  • Lower & Drury’s Cove WI
  • Lower Millstream WI
  • Rockville WI

Upper Gloucester


  • Dover Hill-River de Chute WI
  • Sisson Brook WI
  • Sisson Ridge WI


  • Central Rusagonis WI
  • Grand Bay WI

To learn more about the branch nearest you, please contact Rose D’Amour, Administrative Officer, at or 506-454-0798.