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The WI Home is centrally located at 129 Chapel Street, Woodstock, and was established by the Women's Institute of New Brunswick in 1952. It is operated by the Women's Institute Home Company Ltd., and provides a cozy atmosphere. It is non-sectarian and non-partisan for our guests.

Description of Home
The Home has a spacious, well lit living room, comfortably furnished, where the guests enjoy the piano, television and a happy social life. There is a large, bright dining room with excellent cuisine. The attractive single bedrooms have functional furniture. A large porch and lawn provide a pleasant outdoor setting for guests and visitors.

Management and Staff
The staff consists of a matron who is responsible for the care and comfort of each guest and the efficient operation of the home, assisted by a cook in charge of the kitchen, and a house keeping staff.

A Home Committee, appointed by the Women's Institute Home Company Ltd., supervises the administration and financing of the home.

The home is inspected and approved by the Fire Marshall. A fire-warning system is installed and the local fire chief conducts fire drills regularly. A staff member is on duty at all times. A chair lift makes the second floor handicap accessible. The Home is smoke free.

The Home is open to all women, but applications from members of the Women's Institutes will be given preference. Only ambulatory applicants will be considered. A letter of recommendation, signed by a doctor, must accompany the application. Board must be paid monthly, in advance.

Maritime Bus provides bus service to many areas of the province including Woodstock.

The Home is near churches of various denominations. It is within walking distance of the Post Office, Public Library, banks, stores, restaurants, lodges, Women's Institute Branches and other centres of interest. It is near an accredited hospital and medical clinic.

The Women's Institute of New Brunswick established the Home to serve as a comfortable residence for women, where they can find congenial companionship, privacy and care. It is operated as a private home, not as an institution. All guests are encouraged to have have visits from family and friends. Arrangements may be made with the Matron for W.I. groups to visit the home.

Applications and further information may be receive by contacting Luann Adams, Chairperson or Marion Briand, Matron, 129 Chapel Street, Woodstock, New Brunswick, Canada E7M 1G7 Phone (506) 328-2148.

Donations to the WI Home can be sent to Andrew D. Lenehan, CA, McCain & Associates, 389 Connell Street, Suite 200, Woodstock, NB E7M 5G5, phone (506) 325-9675.

  • NBWI provides nine (9) different academic scholarships annually NBWI offers sessions on various topics such as environmental concerns, women’s rights, health education, legal issues, family violence and many other subjects.
  • NBWI maintains and operates the WI Home for Senior Ladies. This home established in 1952, is the only one like it in Canada and offers a cozy home atmosphere for senior women.
  • NBWI offers education to members during conventions at the district and provincial level.
  • NBWI supports the crew of HMCS Fredericton with their annual Bike for Wishes fund raising event, providing meals for the bikers, refreshments along the way and attending the rallies.
  • NBWI lobbies governments and other agencies regarding changes and reforms to improve family and community life.
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