NBWI - New Brunswick Women's Institute


The first Women's Institute was started in Ontario in1897. Mrs. Alma Jane Porter from Andover, New Brunswick organized the first Women's Institute in New Brunswick in 1911.

The Women's Institute was organized to meet the needs of rural women and to allow them to discuss the problems in their community and possible solutions. In the early days women did not have the vote. They were not "persons" and they often had to speak with one voice to be heard.

The NBWI's membership still includes rural women, but they are rural women with a difference. While most NBWI members are still homemakers, many are also working and professional women. They still have concerns about the quality of their life and community, but they have more influence individually and collectively to influence future events and make positive changes to the laws of the province.

  • NBWI provides nine (9) different academic scholarships annually NBWI offers sessions on various topics such as environmental concerns, women’s rights, health education, legal issues, family violence and many other subjects.
  • NBWI maintains and operates the WI Home for Senior Ladies. This home established in 1952, is the only one like it in Canada and offers a cozy home atmosphere for senior women.
  • NBWI offers education to members during conventions at the district and provincial level.
  • NBWI supports the crew of HMCS Fredericton with their annual Bike for Wishes fund raising event, providing meals for the bikers, refreshments along the way and attending the rallies.
  • NBWI lobbies governments and other agencies regarding changes and reforms to improve family and community life.
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